Become a well-known and successful author in this 2D isometric simulation game!

In Drafting Tales you play as a new writer working from your small apartment. Your goal is to become a well-known and successful author!

You produce works of literature, whose quality depends on the genre/topic combinations that you choose and the effort points that you allocate to your work's literary elements. As you gain experience, you unlock new work types, genres, topics and purchasable items which provide you with perks, allowing you to improve your works and progress in the game.

Key Features

  • Write articles, short-stories, non-fiction and novels
  • Select genre/topic combinations and allocate effort points to your work's literary elements
  • Discover the ideal genre/topic and effort point combinations by asking your peers for feedback
  • You have limited inspiration, so you'll need to develop appropriate strategies to maximise the number of works you produce and keep up with your expenses
  • Query agents and publishers
  • Get your works published, receive reviews and gain fans
  • Customise and self-publish your books
  • Post your articles/short-stories to your website
  • Get nominated for awards
  • Earn money, purchase items from the store and upgrade to a new home
  • Retire rich and famous on your yacht!

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